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(1) In-feed vacuum hopper into dough splitter 
 (2) In-feed vacuum hopper into sheeter in-feed 
      (3)sheeter discharge belt pressurized vacuum head 
                  (4) Auto-Fill system installed above the sheeter flour sifters.

We design and develop vacuum hoppers for the customerís specific needs. Our standard bread line system comprises of vacuum hoppers designed for the in-feed and discharge areas of the following equipment: Conical Rounder of all make and models, Over Head Proofers of all make and models, Sheeter - Moulder - Panners of all make and models as well as Flouring Belts and conveyor transfer points and any other desired attachments requested by our customers. The vacuum for the entire bread line is provided by our V-10 or V-20 Automatic Dusting Flour Reclaim, Recycling and Filtering System. Reclaimed flour passes through to vacuum induced centrifugal separator before being drawn by vacuum through two fine mesh sifter screens and blown into two holding chambers, each chamber has an air release sock that is vacuum cleaned while the sifter screens are back washed. The discharge area is placed into a vacuum when the system is being emptied so you donít have the usual blast of dust when our system is empting, all atomized dust particles are vacuumed back up into the tank. Cleansed recycled flour is deposited into customerís container to be manually introduced back into bread-line dusting sifters or when coupled with our Automatic Flour-Fill option the Bread-Line make-up area sifters can all be filled automatically without the handling of dusting flour.

Sheeter Belt Pressurized Vacuum Head

Rounder with Auto-Fill and Vacuum Attachments          Overhead Proofer Discharge Vacuum Enclosure    
Auto-Fill Installed on Sheeter Sifters

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