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This system is designed to automatically fill one or more flour sifters in your make-up area. This system utilizes a holding tank with flour transfer capabilities or one of our Remote Vacuum systems to automatically draw flour from your existing bulk flour system then distributes flour to a stainless steel flour hopper (with level controls) over each sifter, on demand. What this means, if applied to all the sifters, no dusting flour will need to be manually brought into your make-up area, no flour bags, scoops or containers in which to transfer flour to your flour sifters, thus, reducing the possibility of stoppages caused by sifters running out of flour, reducing production floor traffic and the mess made when filling each sifter manually and eliminating the liabilities associated with filling overhead-sifters manually. Our system will automatically fill each sifter on demand so your production people can put all of their attention into making you the best products possible, in a much improved plant environment.

Shown mounted to the Sifters on
a Breadline Sheeter