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The Combination Bread and Roll Par-Bake line shown above is a classic example of our custom Automatic Dusting Flour Reclaim and Recycling System capabilities.  Plus, we designed a system to fill all four flour sifters on the line automatically on demand.  The room this system occupies is air conditioned so every effort was made to eliminate flour dust.  To accomplish this we designed vacuum enclosures at each belt and dough transfer points on the line.  Installed our pressurized vacuum heads above the belts out of the stamper and the discharge belt just before the product is panned.  We also installed vacuum chutes where the product is dumped out of the overhead proofer.  We used our Twenty Horsepower Vacuum and Filtering system to generate vacuum to convey the reclaimed dusting flour back to the Vacuum and Filtering system which is equipped with our patented two stage vacuum induced centrifugal filtering system that separates dough, seed and etc., from the flour before it is contaminated and deposits it into the tailing pan; while the cleansed reusable flour passes through the stainless steel filter sieves and is deposited into a holding tank to be recycled.

The system automatically vacuum cleans the air release socks while back- washing the stainless steel filter sieves, every five minutes, to ensure peak performance.  We do this without the use of air cannons and scores of small filter bags, which consume large amounts of plant air and maintenance time.                      

In addition to generating vacuum to reclaim flour, this system filters approximately 132,000 cubic feet Of the dustiest air in your plant every hour.

With our CNC Cutting and Forming equipment we are equipped to furnish you with exact replacement parts years into the future

Pressurized Vacuum Hood for Moulding Belts


Pressurized Vacuum Hood for Stamper Discharge




Automatic Flour Fill Option for Divider
Flour Sifter


Automatic Flour Fill Option for Overhead Proofer Infeed


Automatic Flour Fill Option for stamper flour sifter